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    2nd July 2018

    5 tips for cooling down your car in a heatwave

    Car air con system

    With the current warmer weather conditions, it would be rude not to take the car out in this glorious sunshine, and while some of us may be rejoicing in the soaring temperatures, your car may be suffering in the heat.

    Although the sunny spells are a welcome change from the traditional rainy British summertime, many of us still dread entering our hot car at the end of the day. To save you the discomfort of scorching seats and oven-like air-blasts, we’ve picked our top five tips for cooling down your car during the heatwave.

    No.1 Avoid parking in the sun

    It might seem obvious but if you’re able to park in the shade, grab that opportunity with both hands. Where possible, try to park in the shade, such as under a tree or canopy or if there are no sheltered spots available, opt to park within an inside or underground car park which will be considerably cooler. Where possible, the best place to leave your car is in a garage, where it is cool, clean and secure.

    No.2 Use a windscreen cover

    If you’re struggling to find a shady spot to park, why not purchase a sunshade? This will reflect some of the rays away from the car and can dramatically reduce the car’s temperature. A windscreen cover also shields touch-points, such as the steering wheel and gear stick, which can reach high temperatures and can result in damage to the skin in the extreme heat.

    No.3 Cover your seats

    Many cars now have black leather seats, which are aesthetically pleasing, but are often bad news when it comes to keeping your car cool, as the dark colour absorbs the heat. To reduce the heat on the chairs and make getting into your card after a hot day more bearable, we recommend covering your seats with a lightly coloured sheet or towel. This will help reflect the sun and can also reduce the risk of degrading the leather as a result of their exposure to intense heat.

    No.4 Keep your air-con maintained

    To get the most out of your A/C it’s important to take the necessary measures to keep your conditioning system as effective as possible. You can boost the efficiency of your air conditioning by topping up the refrigerant, which will deplete over time. This can be carried out at home or, if you’re unsure, you can take your car to a garage who will help you.

    No.5 Switch on air conditioning ‘correctly’

    When setting off in your car, it is recommended that you start off with the re-circulating air option, which can cool the car down quicker than pulling in outside air. Using this for short bouts of time is fine, however, once the cabin of the car is cooled to a comfortable temperature, you should consider switching to the external circulation mode. Fresh air is richer in oxygen than the recirculated air, reducing the feeling of grogginess and can boost alertness and ensure a safe driving ability while maintaining the cool temperature. Finally, if you are using the air con, ensure that all windows are closed so that it can circulate the air efficiently.


    At Vasstech, we aim to provide the best motoring knowledge for our customers, so that you can confidently embark on your journeys. If you would like to know more about how you can guarantee a comfortable drive in high temperatures, contact us today.

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