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    31st August 2013

    The best-selling car of all time – The Volkswagen Beetle

    A red Volkswagen Beetle against a wooden background

    Who would have through that the best-selling car of all time would have been considered by Sir William Rootes, chair for the commission of British motor manufacturers…. “quite unattractive to the average motor car buyer” – “It is too ugly and noisy” and “to build the car commercially would be a completely uneconomic enterprise.”

    Hmm so, who’s the expert now then?

    Of course, we are talking about the Volkswagen Beetle. A car spawned by an idea of Hitler to create a “peoples car” for the masses in Germany, this car went on to sell more than 21.5 million cars over a 58 year production run that saw the production of the Beetle move from Germany to Mexico, where the last Beetle rolled off the production line in 2003.

    I am sure that there are a few readers out the who owned one of these iconic cars? I know there are a few of us here at Vasstech who had one!

    The Beetle showed more than just longevity, it also proved that a car, built with quality, can run for many years with few problems. Volkswagen is a great marque, offers fantastic reliability… Vasstech have amazingly talented, VW trained, technicians who can care for your Volkswagen throughout its life! Why not give us a call and get your Volkswagen booked in today for a service or MOT?

    To read more about the Volkswagen Beetle click the link below where there is a fantastic article written by Jonathan Glancy for the BBC…

    The Volkswagen Beetle

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