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    24th September 2014

    New Car Reg Plates

    Vass 15 plate

    Earlier this month, the DVLA released the new UK number plates, as I’m sure you know. But did you know that each year the DVLA sees fit to ban some of the more risqué ones?

    The number on the plates this time is 64. An easy way to remember which year your car is from is the first plate has the number of the year, so ’14’ for this year and then six months later when the next one is released you just add fifty to the year, hence ’64’.

    The people who decide these things at the DVLA have stated that as ’64’ could be read as “GA”, “GH”, “GE”, “BA”, “G” or “A” the following number plates would not be available for purchase:







    And perhaps shockingly of all…… SH64GGY! I mean, what’s wrong with that number plate, especially for fans of Scooby Doo?!

    Some that were deemed suitable include:




    If any of you have one of the new plates, we’d love to see a picture. Likewise, if you have a personalised one that managed to slip through the DVLA’s scrutiny, send us a pic!

    For those of you who bought a new car with ’62’ plates, you could be due a MOT. Why not give your local Vasstech branch a call and get booked in with one of our trained teams.


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