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    13th April 2017

    Did you know we work with Tunit?

    Microscope over a car

    Have you thought about increasing your car’s performance and improving your fuel economy? We are a Master Partner with tuning company Tunit whose plug and play device can make your engine do all this.

    Tunit was founded in 1998 with the purpose of offering the relatively new concept of “Diesel Performance Tuning”. They saw the disadvantages of existing tuning methods on the market and wanted to create something different.

    How it works

    The Tunit software alters the signals that control engine performance and economy to optimise the engine. Signals such as air mass, accelerator position, fuel injection timing and fuel delivery are measured and from this, a load calculation then delivers new improved signals to optimise the performance and economy.

    What it does

    Increase performance

    The Tunit unit has the ability to increase power on your vehicle by up to 20%. It intercepts the signals between the ECU and the injection system and allows more fuel to be injected into the cylinders, thus producing more torque and power.

    Improved fuel economyTunit has been proven to reduce harmful emissions by up to 27% and improves fuel economy by around 12%.

    Tunit has been proven to reduce harmful emissions by up to 27% and improves fuel economy by around 12%.

    Every Tunit is programmed individually to maximise the performance of every diesel engine. When required the Tunit can be easily changed if required, for example, if more torque is needed for towing.

    Manufactured to the highest quality, the Tunit comes with a 5 year warranty and is guaranteed to work better than any other diesel tuning product.

    The Products

    Tunit have numerous products on the market, these include:

    Tunit Power Pedal

    The Tunit Power Pedal product is for petrol and diesel engines and it controls the power delivery of your vehicle and is the only product on the market to have a dual processor for speed and smoother acceleration.

    Tunit Standard

    The Tunit Standard offers reliable performance and fuel savings. It covers modern injection systems on diesel vehicles and is provided with specific programming and connections for your vehicle.

    Tunit Optimum

    The Tunit Optimum is just for petrol engines and gives your vehicle more power, torque and fuel savings.Tunit offers numerous other products if you would like any more

    Tunit offers numerous other products if you would like any formation click here. Additionally, to see how much a Tunit product could save on your vehicle click here to calculate.

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