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    7th May 2017

    Diesel scrappage scheme being considered

    Car emissions graphic

    The diesel scrappage scheme has been put forward as a way to challenge the declining air quality through providing an incentive for drivers to reduce nitrogen dioxide levels in the UK.

    Although the plan isn’t in place yet we wanted you to be aware of what it would entail…

    What is the diesel scrappage scheme?

    The diesel scrappage scheme has been proposed in order to encourage diesel drivers to switch to vehicles which are considered more environmentally friendly. The scheme would compensate drivers for changing their car with payments between £1,000 and £2,000 for a low-emission vehicle.

    Additionally, the proposal would also include a plan to offer diesel drivers filters that would reduce the levels of toxic nitrogen dioxide emissions. However, the scheme would mean that diesel drivers would be expected to pay more for parking.

    Why would we need the scheme?

    According to the Royal College of Physicians, air pollution across the UK is linked to around 40,000 premature deaths every year. Initial concerns for diesel cars impact on the nitrogen dioxide levels were raised in 2015 by the Volkswagen emissions scandal.

    Moreover, The Department for Transport did an investigation and found that 37 top-selling diesel cars exceeded the legal limit required for laboratory pollution tests when driven for 90 minutes on normal roads.

    Is the scheme happening?

    Further news of the scheme was meant to be released this month, however, with no news yet we will have to wait a little longer to find out whether this will come into place.

    Who is entitled to receive compensation?

    Only cars that are more than 10 years old and registered in polluting hotspots are likely to be offered the money. Also, it is believed that the scheme will start in the 10 most polluted UK cities.

    The UK has struggled in the past to keep within EU limits on some pollutants, particularly nitrogen dioxide (NO2) so this proposed scheme should help battle this issue. We hope this blog helped you understand the concept better, click here to contact us with any queries.


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