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    Vasstech Team Memebers

    24th October 2014

    Driverless Audi Reaches 149 mph

    Audi logo

    It sounds like something from a dodgy sci-fi film but driverless cars could soon be a reality on the roads. Audi has been pioneering ‘piloted driving’ for a while now and they took to the Hockenheim Grand Prix race track to put the RS7 through its paces.

    During the lap, which took just over 2 minutes, the car reached speeds of 149 miles per hour and broke the record for the highest speed achieved by a driverless car.

    According to the BBC website, the car uses “a combination of cameras, laser scanners, GPS location data, radio transmissions and radar sensors to guide itself around the track, with the data processed by computing equipment that filled its boot.”

    Dr Horst Glaser, a member of the team responsible for developing the car, hopes that ‘piloted driving’ will lead to fewer accidents on the road. He said, “I know accident-free driving will remain a vision but at least we can reduce the number of accidents in the future.”

    Audi has stated on their website that “traffic jams can be made a thing of the past by synchronising driver data”. Now this is something that we at Vasstech would love to become a reality as I’m sure everyone else would too!