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6th June 2017

Drivers reveal the most annoying road habits

At times driving can prove stressful, so what irritates you the most whilst behind the wheel? An AA poll of more than 20,000 members revealed the habits of other drivers that they consider the most irritating, dangerous and downright frustrating…

1. Tailgating

Tailgating is when people drive too close to the car in front; making it evident why this bad habit came out on top as the most irritating motoring habits of 2017, with 26% stating they hate this the most. If you are guilty of this habit, remember to slow down and be aware that the driver in front may have to emergency brake without warning; think, would you be able to stop in time?

2. Talking on mobile phone

People talking on their mobile phone whilst driving came in second, with 25% stating that they find this habit the most irritating about others on the road. This habit is not only annoying but extremely dangerous to the driver and others around them. However, in 2016 the RAC found that people who feel it is acceptable to take a quick call on a handheld phone had doubled from 7% in 2014 to 14% in 2016.

Luckily, the law has enforced tougher penalties for those caught using their mobiles whilst driving, so hopefully, this habit should be less common on the roads.

3. Middle lane hogging

Although many may not be aware of themselves doing it, middle lane hogging managed to come in at third with 23% viewing this as the most irritating habit. It is important to stick to the left-hand lane unless overtaking, to avoid annoying other drivers and having to switch lanes too often.

4. Cutting across lanes

10% of people stated that others cutting across lanes, last minute, to make their exit are the most annoying habit. To avoid this, ensure that you plan your journey in advance, or stay in the left-hand lane if you are unsure of the directions. Additionally, it is safer to miss your turn off and take the next exit than to cut in front of others.

5. Overtaking on the inside

Overtaking on the inside lane was considered the most annoying habit by 7% of people. This is when you pass another car on the motorway or a dual carriageway, on the inside lanes. Remember, if you want to overtake it is important to use the correct lanes and always overtake on the outside lane

Other irritating habits that made the cut included driving slowly, annoying 3% of the public, speeding, 2.5% of motorists and littering from the car window ground the gears of 2.5% of drivers.What do you think? Have your say on social media….