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    6th September 2017

    Some of the most common motoring myths… revealed!

    Confused driving Green

    There are a number of driving myths that we all seem to know, yet these are often rarely confirmed whether they are in-fact a myth or a driving fact. We decided to put a list together to help bust those myths wide open, once and for all!

    1 . Opening your windows will increase fuel consumption…

    Opening the windows increases drag, and slows the car down — so it requires more fuel to run. However, running the A/C requires more gallons of fuel per mile, than driving with the windows open.

    2. You can be fined if you have a light on in the car while driving…

    This is false. There is no law in the UK against having a light on inside a moving car and you cannot be fined for this. However,  if you are pulled over by the police, and they deem the light to be an obstruction of your ability to drive safely, they have the right to ask you to turn it off.

    3. Examiners only pass a certain number of people in a year…

    This is false; there are no quotas, so examiners will pass anyone if they prove they can drive. However, if your friend has just failed their driving test, this probably isn’t the best time to tell them this is a myth!

    4. You can get a ticket for driving too slow…

    This is in fact not a myth! You can get a ticket for driving too slow; it can be almost as dangerous as driving too fast! If the police think you’re a risk on the road, you can be fined. It’s always a danger to drive too slowly, as it means that other people turn to drive around you, which is dangerous and can cause collisions.

    5. Not all speed cameras are switched on…

    Another myth busted, the statement is in fact true! Some estimates suggest up to a quarter of all cameras could be out of action. However, many communities are campaigning to get any old or broken cameras fixed and turned back on.

    6. Seatbelts and airbags cause more harm than good…

    This is of course false! Research shows that wearing a seatbelt can reduce the risk of death by 45% and cut the risk of serious injury by half. Some people believe that airbags are a danger to drivers and passengers also. However, studies show between the years 1991-2001, over 8,000 lives were saved by airbags, compared to the 237 lives that were unfortunately lost due to airbag related injuries during a crash during those same years. Proper use of the seatbelt and airbag devices aren’t 100% guaranteed to save your life during a crash, but the statistics show they do greatly increase your chances of avoiding serious injury or death.

    7. You must be notified within a certain amount of time for the speeding penalty to be valid…

    It is true that you must be informed within a certain degree of time after being caught by a speed camera. The Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) must be received within 14 days of being caught speeding on the camera.

    8. You can fool a speed camera with reflective plates…

    This is, of course, false. You cannot deceive a speed camera with reflective plates, because plates that are reflective enough to create enough glare on the camera from the flash are not sold anywhere legally. Also, not all speed cameras flash so you could still get caught regardless.

    9. Speed cameras must be painted yellow to be legal…

    As of October 2016, all working speed cameras on England’s motorways and A-roads were painted yellow. However, some of the local roads may still be a different colour, and if one of these catches you, the offense is still valid.

    10. Warm up your car before driving…

    Although this may have been a necessary thing to do in earlier years, due to modern technology, this is now not only unnecessary, but it’s also wasting your fuel. Your engine should warm up faster when you drive around, and most vehicles use electronic fuel injection to allow the engines to run effectively, even while they are cold.

    How many of these myths and truths were you aware of? Let us know on social media!

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