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    Vasstech Team Memebers

    12th June 2018

    Could you match the England players to their cars?

    Russia World Cup Competition

    Although the England team may have taken a hit in success over the past few years, the choice of cars they drive certainly hasn’t lowered. With the World Cup on the horizon, these savvy stars and their cars are out in full force! With many top footballer salaries now reaching half a million a week, we look at the cars they have chosen which best fit their lavish lifestyle.


    Dele Alli

    Image source: Car and Driver

    With the combination of luxury and performance, it’s no surprise that the Range Rover Sport is the choice of transport for many footballers. With a muscular and sporty design, a 5.0 litre V8 supercharged engine, an infotainment systems beyond its time, and not to mention the huge boot perfect for muddy training gear, the Range Rover Sport is the logical choice for elite football stars. Priced at £60 000, it’s an absolute steal for an England footballer!

    Harry Kane

    Image source: Jaguar

    Arguably England’s best and most important player, it may come as a surprise that Kane doesn’t frolic around in an ostentatious motor, and instead is inclined to the practical and modest Jaguar F-Pace. Kane’s a father of one, and with another on the way, the F-Pace offers a balance of need for speed and domestic life. Its recent upgrade provides the same engine specifications as the Range Rover Sport at half the price – Kane definitely had a ‘strike’ of luck when it came to this deal!

    Jordan Henderson

    Image source: Autofluence

    When Porsche decided to move away from its sporty heritage and launch the Cayenne SUV, there was speculation about its performance. However, with its cutting-edge driving technology and turbocharged engines, the Cayenne has quickly become the staple model in the Porsche family. With its identifying features; emphasised front wings, downward sloping bonnet, and three-piece air intakes, the Cayenne is sure to turn heads when exiting the stadium!

    Raheem Sterling

    Image source: Luxify

    With an entire fleet of cars in his possession, the £140 000 Mercedes G Class takes the crown in Sterling’s collection. Completely impractical in Sterling’s hometown of Manchester, but the G Wagon oozes exclusivity, with a limited number produced a year! Without the glossy exterior and fancy features, the G Class is built for utilitarian off-roading, with military characteristics such as locking differentials in the front and rear axles and low range transfer case.

    Jamie Vardy

    Image source: Business Insider

    There is nothing that screams success more than the Bentley Continental GT, or any Bentley for that matter! With epic craftsmanship, yet refined and restrained, the Bentley Continental GT has been saddled with the ‘footballers car’ label. Its eight-speed transmission can jump from eighth to fourth gear for instant acceleration, perfect for when you’re running late to your training session! Starting from £155 000, the Bentley Continental GT is in another league when it comes to luxury motors.


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