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    25th February 2019

    Electric vehicle (EV) charging: what you need to know

    Electric vehicle charging port

    Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. According to BT, there are over 37,000 electric cars currently registered in the country. As the number continues to grow alongside demand, so has the number of people wanting to know more about the ins-and-outs of charging an EV.

    Before switching to an EV, it is important to understand how they compare to an internal combustion engine. There are several important factors that differentiate them, both with advantages and disadvantages. For information on the differences between types of cars, check out our blog on hybrids and electric vehicles.

    Here at Vasstech, we offer FREE electric car charging when you bring your car in for any service. Charging is currently available at our Knaresborough garage and Northallerton garage, and we are currently in the process of installing electric car charging stations at all of our UK branches, ensuring that your car is at maximum range for your journey home.

    Electric vehicle charging

    As well as being carbon friendly and ultimately better for the environment, owning an electric car can save you money long term. With electric cars, it is possible to charge them at home overnight or take them to one of several electric car charging stations in the UK.

    Using electric car charging stations in the UK is simple, you take your EV to the port, pay (or you can skip the paying part by receiving a free full charge here at Vasstech with your car’s service), begin charging your car and you’re good to go.

    The time it takes to fully charge an electric vehicle depends on the model of the car, and also what speed you choose to charge your car. The speed in which you can charge your vehicle range from slow, through to fast and then rapid. A slow charge usually takes between seven and eight hours and typically takes place overnight, a fast charge can be completed in three to four hours whereas a rapid charge will get you back on the road within half-an-hour.

    What is the cost of maintaining an Electric Vehicle?

    Although it is common knowledge that electric vehicles cost a lot more than combustion engine cars, it is important to note that electric cars are easier and cheaper to maintain long term. According to Motoring Research, EVs cost on average 23 per cent less to run and service than petrol vehicles over three years. Depending on the model of your car, it can cost anywhere between £3 and £4 to charge an EV at home, and on average around £10 at a public charging point, which proves to be much cheaper than regular visits to a petrol station.

    It is also possible for drivers seeking to purchase an electric vehicle to get a discount on the price of a brand new low-emissions car by accessing a government grant which is given to the dealership and deducted from the overall cost. As the popularity of electric vehicles in the UK continues to increase, it is likely that they will become cheaper to purchase in the near future.

    Electric Vehicle charging at Vasstech

    As previously mentioned, when you come to Vasstech for an electric car service, we will charge your car for free. This way, you can get back out onto the road with the knowledge that our experts have ensured that your car is performing at optimum levels without having to worry about stopping at an electric car charging station on the way home.

    Complimentary electric vehicle charging is now being rolled out across all of our branches and is currently available at Vasstech Northallerton and Vasstech Knaresborough. When you drop your vehicle off for any service, we’ll recharge it for free – making sure you’re at maximum range for the drive home – contact your local Vasstech branch for more information!

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