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    Vasstech Team Memebers

    9th March 2015

    How much do you trust your garage?

    In a recent survey by the RAC two thirds (60%) of motorist claimed they lacked trust in their garage. At Vasstech we have long known that when it comes to providing you with MOTS’s, services and repairs, you’re looking for more than just a cheap price. 56% of everyone surveyed said that reliability was the most important thing for them when choosing a garage, with customer services second with 19% of the vote and price falling into third place when it comes to what you prioritise from your garage.

    The survey also looked at the concerns motorists have which contribute to this lack of trust. A whopping 38% of people said that the garage they visited simply didn’t fix the problem with their vehicle and 36% of people felt they had been overcharged. In addition, almost a quarter (24%) said they were concerned about hidden costs. In order to avoid these concerns motorist are happy to travel further to use a garage they trust: with 20% going up to 10 miles from home and one in 10, (11%), willing to go as far as 20 miles.

    These findings have prompted calls for garages to be more transparent when it comes to pricing and the work done. Here at Vasstech we have always prided ourselves on being as straightforward as possible. We always let you know what needs doing and how much it will be. We also know that great customer service and a friendly face are just as important as a great price, that’s why we aim to bring you all three. We understand that when you need a garage you not only want one you can trust but also one that’s convenient, which is why we have three branches allowing you to find one in your area. We think 60% of motorists distrusting their garage is simply unacceptable, which is why we’re here to buck the trend.

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