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    12th May 2016

    Keep cool on your summer road trips

    Air con

    Summer is fast approaching yet again and we’ve already had a taste of what it’s going to be like this year. According to reports, we’re set for one of the hottest summers in 40 years!

    We know that us Brits love nothing better than a good old road trip and weekend breaks away, and of course moaning about how hot it is on the road in our metal boxes that can feel like the inside of an oven. There’s nothing worse than that feeling of opening your car on a hot day only to be welcomed by a hot blast from the furnace that is the inside of your car.

    Which is why your local Vasstech would like to make sure you’re as cool as possible this summer by offering you an air-con service for only £30, saving you a cool £20 on our usual price. So keep yourself, and your friends and family, as happy as possible whilst cruising the open roads on the way to the beach or country retreats.

    Did you know your air-con needs to be serviced once every two years to keep it in optimum condition?

    We recommend having your car air conditioning system serviced once every two years along with your fuel and lubricant to ensure everything’s running as smoothly and as efficiently as possible, and keeping that a crisp cool air gently flowing out of your air vents.

    Air conditioning isn’t just great in the summer, it’s just as handy in the winter months for demisting your windows and keeping you warm!

    Here at Vasstech, we will conduct a free air conditioning temperature test to make sure that your system is working correctly, and if it’s ok then you don’t have to pay anything. However, if it does need an antibacterial clean or a recharge then we can carry this out while you wait – it doesn’t take too long. Once it’s done you’re all good for the next two years!

    Just remember that an air conditioning check is not part of your annual MOT so be sure to keep an eye on when it needs checking. If you can’t remember the last time you asked for an air conditioning check then it’s probably due a check up!

    You may be wondering what an air-con bacterial clean is? Well, air conditioning units are well known to accumulate bacteria and dirt which can affect its performance. An air-con anti-bacterial clean brings it back to life by restoring your car’s air conditioning filters leaving you with that crisp cool air that we so crave in the summer months.

    Here at Vasstech we offer full range of vehicle services at our garages in Knaresborough, Northallerton and Darlington, so please feel free to check out our vehicle services page and get in touch with your local Vasstech today!

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