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Why have your MOT with Vasstech?

We deliver an honest, trustworthy, reliable and efficient service that will tailor for all of your vehicle needs.

  • Will provide you with a clear conscience
  • Will be examined by one of our experienced vehicle technicians
  • Will ensure your vehicle is secure and legal for the road
  • Local collection and delivery of your vehicle available FREE OF CHARGE
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Check when your next MOT is due

A Vasstech MOT includes

Registration number

Our vehicle technicians will check the placement of the numbers and the letters to ensure they fulfil the standards required and to make sure that they have not been modified.

Suspension and steering wheel

To ensure that the steering and suspension is to standard, our vehicle technicians will check that the suspension and steering wheel is how it should be.

Windows and windscreen

Scratches or fractures within the windows will be examined by our vehicle technicians.

Seatbelt safety

We will make sure that all seatbelts are where they should be to ensure your safety when driving. This will include inspections such as making sure that they are the correct model, material and work perfectly.

Fuel leaks

Fuel caps will be examined to ensure that they are attached and secured correctly.

Impairments to the vehicle

The exterior will be examined to ensure no sharp-edged parts are sticking out of the car.

Car mirrors

These will be examined on their current state and safety when driving.

Vehicle braking

This will include testing the behaviour of the braking mechanics to ensure they function correctly under any road conditions.

If you find that your car is over 3 years old, it is a necessity that you take your car for an MOT examination. Established by the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency), the MOT (Ministry of Transport) test is a yearly evaluation to make sure that your car is performing to the correct quality and degree it should be when driving on the roads.

It should be noted that the MOT evaluation is completely different to having your car serviced as the MOT evaluation does not examine the overall state of the car. It does however examine whether the car is in a safe state to drive on the road. Throughout the MOT examination, our vehicle technicians will review the car and will perform an assessment and an extensive amount of tests in and around the car which will cover inspections underneath the bonnet and the car itself.

The MOT examination will be undertaken on the state of the car on the examination day, and if the car has failed the examination, then a VT30 form will be given to you. On the other hand, if one of our vehicle technicians believe that your car is safe for the road, you will be provided a VT20 form. The outcome of each examination will be registered.

Once the examination has been completed, one of our vehicle technicians will individually record and notify you on any parts that have passed the examination, but may need to be paid attention to going forward.

The punishment of not holding a current MOT document will result in a fine, your road tax will be nonrenewable and you won’t be able to drive your car in the eyes of the law. So what are you waiting for? We deliver an honest, trustworthy, reliable and efficient service that will tailor for all of your vehicle needs.

If you happen to live nearby Teesside Industrial Estate close to our Teesside garage, you may be entitled to 10% OFF all services, repair work & MOT’s only £30. Contact our Teesside garage for more information.


Looking For An MOT?

We also offer a free collection and delivery service to our customers (if applicable), so don’t keep holding it off, book your MOT with us here:

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