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    24th April 2017

    New speeding fine laws

    Speed camera

    Starting Monday 24th April, there will be harsher punishments for anyone caught speeding. You can now expect to be fined up to 175% of your weekly earnings which is up to the maximum of £2500, whereas previously the average fine was £100.

    BBC reported that “244 people were killed in crashes that occurred when a driver was breaking the speed limit on Britain’s roads in 2015”.

    Hopefully, the new laws will deter fast drivers from breaking the rules, lowering the death rate from crashes. The changes mean that there will be three kinds of fines. Band A fine means that someone could pay from 25-75% of their weekly income and receive 3 points on their license. To be in band A you would have to be driving 21-30 mph in a 20 zone. A band B fine would mean you pay from 75-125% of your weekly income and possibly be disqualified from driving for 7 to 28 days or incur 4 to 6 points. For band B you would need to be going 31-40 in a 20 zone. Band C is the most severe and means a driver could end up paying 125-175% of their weekly income and face from seven to 56 days disqualified or receive 6 points on their license. Band C would mean you were driving 41 and above in a 20 zone.

    AA president Edmund King said it was right that “extreme offenders” were punished “severely”.He added: “Responsible drivers will welcome the changes coming into force today.

    So watch your speed when you are driving as the punishments could really affect your wallet!

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