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    18th March 2016

    Spring Into Action

    Car oil check

    Now the ice and snow have dissipated from our lives for another year, and we can get outside in the liberating fresh Spring air, it’s time to give our cars that first wash-n-wax on a warm Saturday afternoon, ready for road trips and great days out in Yorkshire and beyond. Now’s the time to take the snow shovel and the rest of your winter emergency kit out of the car and put it safely back in the garage… Summer is just around the corner!

    There are certain things that you can do to ensure that your car is in tip-top driving condition for the Summer months. Make sure that you follow the owner’s manual and the recommended service schedules and if you have winter tyres still on your car, be sure to change these over to your summer tyres. Be sure to check the condition of your tyres – tread depth (the legal minimum tread depth is 1.6mm) and tyre pressure.

    You might want to consider flushing and refilling your cooling system, again, checking with your owner’s manual for their recommendations, and after the winter months, the tightness and condition of your belts, clamps and hoses could very well have deteriorated. Check these too.

    If you’d like to have any aspect of your vehicle double checked by a qualified automotive technician, we’ll be happy to help, just pop into your local branch in Darlington, Northallerton or Knaresborough. Get in touch with us and book your car in over the phone or online now (red box, top right).

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