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    20th May 2015

    Top Gear – What Now?

    It’s been over two months now since the unforgettable ‘fracas’ incident that cost Jeremy Clarkson and the rest of the Top Gear presenters their jobs. In that time rumours have been flying around about who will replace the trio and what they will do next. Amid the speculation we decided to bring together all the news to date and leave it up to you to decide what’s true, what’s not and pass your judgment on the proposed new line up.

    The Replacements

    To date the three favourite’s to present the show are as follows:

    Jodie Kidd – The former model has more motoring credentials that you might originally think. Currently she is the co-presenter of The Classic Car Show and owns several cars herself, plus she famously achieved one of the fastest lap times on Top Gear’s ‘Star in a reasonably priced car’ segment.

    Guy Martin – Guy’s channel 4 shows, including Speed, have been firm favourites of ours for a while. His passion for massive trucks and his extensive engineering knowledge could bring a fresh new angle to the show, not to mention his love of really fast vehicles!

    Philip Glenister – The Life on Mars actor currently hosts For the Love of Cars on Channel 4, where he restores classic cars and last month bookie slashed his odds pushing him into the top spot.

    Other speculated replacements include:

    Radio 2 presenter Chris Evans, Nick Knowles from DIY SOS and actor Steve Coogan.

    Where Are They Now?

    So what of Clarkson, Hammond and May? Fresh rumours have surfaced of a venture with Netflix, some have even suggested the new show could be named ‘House of Cars’ – making reference to hit political drama House of Cards. While early speculation lead to thoughts the gang might be heading to ITV, it would seem that commercial concerns could make the online network their first choice. If anything is to happen it won’t be until after their world tour though.

    And Finally….

    Those final Top Gear episodes that were instantly withdrawn from schedules following the incident are set to be aired, or so says Kim Shillinglaw, BBC Two’s controller who has suggested they could be shown this summer.

    So what do you make of the proposed line up and would you be happy to head online to get your Clarkson fix? Have you say on our Facebook and Twitter.


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