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    13th June 2017

    Top tips for driving abroad

    Luggage on top of a car by the sea

    With summer just around the corner, it’s almost time for everyone to fly off on their summer holidays. However, getting behind the wheel for the first time in a new country can be a daunting thought; so we’ve put a few tips together to make the experience much easier…

    Consider the kind of car you rent

    Consider getting a car similar to the one you drive at home, this should ensure you can handle the car’s power and controls. Additionally, you could consider getting an automatic car as they are almost impossible to stall and you haven’t got the responsibility of changing gears with your other hand. This will help build your confidence of the roads as all you have to concentrate on is the steering and speed. Moreover, choosing a small car could be beneficial in certain European countries where the roads can be very narrow, a small car will take away some of the stress of maneuvering in tight spaces.

    Get used to the car

    Driving a new car, in general, requires patience, so before setting off, get used to the feel of the car by sitting at the opposite side of the car and changing gears with your right hand. Then try to find a quiet spot and drive around there for a while until you are used to the car, and when you do get out onto the roads, be sure to stay in the slow lane until you feel more confident.

    Know the country’s road laws

    Different countries have different road laws so it is imperative you do your research before setting off. For example, check the side of the road you need to drive on, if you need any specific documents or child seat regulations. Take a look at the strangest driving laws from around the world to find out what to look for. Moreover, be sure that your car insurance policy covers international driving!

    Be confident

    Depending on where you choose to visit, the local’s driving style may differ from that you are used to. Be sure to drive in a safe manner and don’t let other drivers intimidate you… remain focused on your own driving!


    It’s a good idea to consider taking a sat nav abroad or requesting one from you rental car provider. This will take the stress away from trying to navigate yourself around somewhere new, and will help you when driving through the city as you will be better aware of lanes and finding the quickest routes.

    Regardless of where you are off this summer, be sure to stay safe whilst driving and enjoy your getaway!

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