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    15th January 2015

    Turn Your Motor in to Your New BFF

    If you already love your car and you’re in need of a new BFF this year why not get your hands on some of these unusual car accessories and turn your car in to the ultimate human car hybrid. From male anatomy, to supportive underwear and beauty accessories your car could be well on the way to becoming your new best mate before you know it.

    If you consider your run around to be a testosterone filled man machine then you will need some shiny Truck Nutz. This tasteful addition cements not only the gender of your car, but also proves it has some serious cajonies. Time to start the ultimate man car bromance.

    If you believe your car is of the fairer sex then, as every girl knows, the best way to glam it up is with a set of killer lashes. If you love all things glamorous and sexy then why not turn your car in to your makeup loving best pal, complete with her very own set of falsies.

    If you think your car needs a little more support then why not buy it it’s very own bra. Yes, that’s right. A company in the UK is now making ‘Car Bras’ to protect your front end from stone chips and scratches (and to add a little lift and volume…obviously). You and your car will become the very closest of bosom buddies with this unusual accessory.

    With all these additions to your motor you’ll be left wondering if you need a doctor or a mechanic when it comes time for your next MOT or service; that said, at least you’ll never be short of a friend.

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