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How we take care of your tyres

Here at Vasstech, we take great pride in ensuring your tyres meet the standards and requirements that they should when driving on the road.

  • Will improve the fuel economy of your vehicle
  • Will enhance the grip on the road
  • Will provide you with an improved experience when driving
  • Local collection and delivery of your vehicle available FREE OF CHARGE
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How we take care of your tyres

Braking in the event of an emergency, inaccurate tyre inflation, incorrect steering wheel positioning and bad surfaces in the pavement can all effortlessly puncture a tyre. Tyres don’t just get strained just because you’ve had them a long time which is why our garages based in Northallerton, Darlington, Knaresborough and Teesside are here to help you determine what’s causing your tyres to wear. The services we provide include:

Inspecting the depth of the tyre tread

Failing to change your tyres ahead of attaining the minimum legal requirement could end you having to pay a heavy fine along with points on your driving licence. The lawful requirement for minimum tyre tread depth in the United Kingdom is 1.6mm over the mid three quarters of the tyre width and around the full perimeter. We will suggest that your tyres are changed when the depth of tread achieves 3mm to preserve the vehicle's best braking performance

Examining any outer impairments

Collision with a kerb, pothole or item in the pavement can affect your tyre significantly which may end in a unexpected tyre burst. If you have noticed any slashes, bulges or piercings within your tyre, get in touch with us ASAP. Our vehicle technicians within all of our garage branches will be on hand to give you guidance on what your next step should be. If you have undertaken an emergency stop or a quick and forceful braking, we would suggest that you come into one of our garages to have your tyres inspected for damage.

Preserving accurate tyre pressures

The purpose for making sure that your tyre pressure is accurate is for lessening the environmental effect, saving the economy and most crucial, ensuring you are protected within your vehicle. Our vehicle technicians will recommend to you the correct tyre pressures suitable for your front and back tyres and will advise how you can maintain these pressures.

With a cost worthy solution and the comfort of a local service at your fingertips, Vasstech are on standby if you have an issue with your tyres, servicing your tyres or if you just want some specialist guidance on which tyres are most suitable for your vehicle.

To assist you, our vehicle technicians will provide you with some extensive knowledge to advise you on the best way to take care of your tyres. We also respect that selecting the correct tyre can be a difficult task, from selecting the correct size to picking a tyre model that will be suitable for your vehicle.

We think that drivers should get into the routine of inspecting all four tyres every 2 weeks to ensure that your tyre pressure is how it should be, the tread of your tyres and the overall state of the tyre. Also remember to inspect the spare tyre too if you have one available. When you look at it in more detail, your tyres are the only item that touches the pavement so it’s imperative that you choose the correct tyre model for your car.

If uncertain, pay a call to our closest garage

Here at Vasstech, our skilled vehicle technicians will undertake a complete examination of your tyres to inspect the overall state of the tyres to ensure that the depths of tread meet the minimal lawful standards. We will also inspect and rectify the pressure of your tyres based on the make and model of your vehicle. We will also provide you with a detailed record of the discoveries from your tyre evaluation for your knowledge.


Having An Issue With Your Tyres?

Don't forget, we will happily collect and deliver you vehicle locally FREE OF CHARGE! For more information on getting your tyres serviced by us, get in touch with us here.

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