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    Vasstech Team Memebers

    28th June 2013

    Vasstech PASSIONATE about cars…..

    As you can imagine, all of us here at Vasstech are passionate about cars. Some, eh hem, could be considered real ‘petrol heads’!

    One car that has caught the imagination of our technicians and backroom staff alike is the McLaren P1, a British ‘Hypercar’ with true British heritage!

    Of course, priced at £866,000, it is a little out of most peoples budget, but it’s nice to dream isn’t it.

    Even with this in mind, and these difficult financial times McLaren has confirmed that some 250 cars from the P1’s production run of 375 are already spoken for, with 500 prospective buyers lined up from the remaining 125 or so.

    What makes this car ‘Hyper Special’ is that it’s actually a ‘hybrid’ and able to cruise at 100mph, should the law allow, in electric mode! That and, as every F1 fan will recognise, this car has a KERS system that would make Jenson green with envy! The KERS system in the McLaren P1 produces DOUBLE the BHP of the McLaren F1 car and is available constantly.

    Ok, so it’s unlikely that we will ever see one in our workshops but should we be lucky enough to have one booked in for a service it will receive the exact same attention to detail as YOUR car!

    We pride ourselves on providing a professional level of service whether you are Jenson Button arriving with your McLaren P1 or Mr Jones arriving with your VW Polo.

    We look forward to seeing BOTH of you!

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