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    Vasstech Team Memebers

    28th February 2014

    Volkswagen e-Up – What Price “going Green”?

    Volkswagen’s electric e-Up is an amazing little city car offering zippy performance that is clean and environmentally friendly!

    However, priced at more than DOUBLE the price of the standard vehicle does it make economic sense?

    Unfortunately, the ONLY reason you would choose the e-Up is for environmental reasons and NOT economical ones.

    The Volkswagen e-UP costs £24,250!

    You would need to drive a LOT of miles to recoup your investment! Remember also, you can only drive a MAXIMUM 99 miles on a full charge depending on how you drive!

    The other issue is depreciation…

    The battery is guaranteed for eight years or 99,360 miles. After this time no one really knows how much life the battery will have left. Would you buy a second hand car with an unknown life expectancy?

    We like the idea of electric cars, environmentally friendly solutions around town… We just have to question if this would be the right solution for the average car owner…

    You can read a full review here…