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    30th October 2013

    A VW That is Capable of Achieving 235 mpg

    However, VW have a sleek, hyper-efficient hybrid car in waiting… Volkswagen XL1

    The diesel-electric plug-in hybrid XL1 uses less than a liter of fuel to go 100 kilometers (burning one liter would equal 235 mpg). Pretty impressive performance in anyones book!

    This hyper-frugal, green machine runs off of the parallel combination of a 27-horsepower electric motor that derives its current from a 5.5-kWh lithium ion battery pack, plus a 47-hp 800-cc turbocharged and direct-injected two-cylinder diesel engine. The whole parallel powertrain is located in back, while the 12V battery for ancillaries and the lithium-ion assembly, which can be charged via plug and gets some energy through brake recuperation, is positioned up front.

    Although quite ‘pretty’ looking from the front, as seems to be the case with most hyper-efficient, hybrids, the look start to suffer for the benefit of streamline efficiency.

    The fuel tank holds a little over 2 gallons of and, when running the tank dry and kicking in the electric motor to run the batteries completely flat you will have traveled over 700 miles! Yes, SEVEN HUNDRED MILES!

    Unfortunately, again, with all of this technology and hyper-efficiency it all comes at a price…

    Around £100,000 to be precise… This is yet to be confirmed by Volkswagen but that is a big price to pay for being green…

    With an initial production run of only 250 XL1’s we aren’t expecting to see too many coming in for a service here at Vasstech.

    However, having your car serviced regularly with us at Vasstech you can be sure that your car will be operating at it’s most efficient. No, we can’t guarantee 235 mpg but you engine will be running at it’s optimum performance and efficiency.



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