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    29th August 2018

    What to do if you forgot your MOT

    MOT Reminder

    Forgetting your MOT may seem like a pretty normal thing to do, like forgetting to buy milk, or where you’ve put your keys, but the reality is – forgetting your MOT could have some serious penalties!

    First of all – there’s no need to panic! All the Vasstech branches are here to help you get your car safe and road legal. Call into any of the below branches to book in your VW or Audi:

    Is your car due for an MOT? Book your next MOT service onlineGet your quote today

    If your MOT test is overdue, continue reading below.

    What is an MOT test for?

    An MOT test certificate (which you will receive if your vehicle passes the MOT test) confirms that, at the time of the test, the vehicle has met the minimum acceptable environmental and road safety standards. The certificate lasts for exactly one year from the time of testing but does not mean that the vehicle is guaranteed to be road worthy for the full 12 months. It is impossible to account for breakages and failures that occur between MOT tests, but having regular MOT tests dramatically reduces the risk of accidents and general wear and tear issues becoming a more serious problem.

    What to do if you forget your MOT

    Get booked in at your local MOT garage as soon as possible. Every vehicle over the age of 3 years old requires a valid MOT certificate.

    What is the MOT grace period?

    Surely there’s a ‘grace period’, right? Wrong! Your MOT is valid up until one year after your previous MOT date, after this time, it has lapsed and you’ll be susceptible to any penalties and fines that apply. The only time you’ll legally be able to drive the vehicle without a valid MOT certificate is to physically get your MOT done, if you are stopped during this time, you must prove that is where you are headed.

    Fines for letting your MOT lapse

    Many people fail to realise the severity of forgetting to book your MOT. A vehicle without a valid MOT is eligible for a £100 on the spot fine, plus a fine of up to £1000 could be levied and could result in the vehicle being impounded.

    Other problems with letting your MOT lapse

    Sure, nobody likes a fine – but what else could allowing your MOT to lapse result in? Driving your vehicle on the road without a valid MOT could invalidate your insurance if you were to have an accident. You could also be risking driving an unsafe vehicle. Equally, any car that fails its MOT will now be classified as ‘dangerous’ until all work is completed and the car is retested. Your car can even be classified as dangerous when it does have a valid MOT. Driving a car classed as ‘dangerous’ has a whole host of other penalties associated with it, which you can read up on, here.

    The moral of the story…

    Your MOT is important! Failing to renew your MOT could land you in hot water that’s really not worth the stress. You can check the status of your MOT, here, and book in for yours at one of our branches here.

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