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    15th January 2019

    What we look for in a winter check at Vasstech

    One of the services we offer at Vasstech is a free winter check – a series of visual inspections that ensure your vehicle is ready for the cold weather.

    Firstly, we check that all of the exterior lights on your vehicle are fully functioning, positioned correctly and road legal. Naturally, we also check that all the bulbs are working, too.

    Then, we move onto your vehicle’s tyres, making sure that they’re in good condition, the tread is legal, and your tyre pressure is correct. We also look out for other signs of wear-and-tear, like bulges, lumps and tears.

    Once the outside has passed the test, we move onto your vehicle’s interior: making sure that all interior lights, doors and seats are functioning correctly. We also like to make sure that your mirrors are all intact and working, while also looking at the general condition of your windows and windscreens.
    We also carry out some tests under the bonnet – including checking your screenwash levels (which gets topped up, free of charge), the level and condition of your vehicle’s oil, and the coolant and antifreeze levels.

    Providing your vehicle passes all these vehicle inspections and its service isn’t overdue, we can give you peace of mind that your car, van or motorbike should be well equipped to deal with the cold weather!

    For more information about obtaining a free winter check for your vehicle, contact your local Vasstech branch, where one of our experts will be more than happy to help you.

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