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    Vasstech Team Memebers

    19th June 2018

    If the World Cup teams were a car, what would they be?

    Vasstech German team header

    With the 2018 World Cup in full swing, footballers have flocked to Russia, bringing with them their kit, national anthem, coaches, and most importantly, their skills. Read on to find out which car best represents each of the competing teams, their abilities, track-record and culture!



    Image source: Top Gear

    Despite Russia being the lowest-ranked team in this year’s World Cup, there’s no denying that in everything this country does, they do it with a frightfully determined dedication, and in the flashiest way possible. So, what better car to represent this team than the Rolls-Royce Ghost? Like the Russian team, it’s a young model in the industry, but it still exudes power, style and drama, running circles around opponents on the pitch.

    Saudi Arabia

    Image source: BMW Blog

    As one of Asia’s most successful teams, Saudi Arabia deserves a motor that reflects their fast ascend to success. Boasting a turbocharged three-cylinder engine and liquid posture, the BMW i8 is daring and exotic, and a player to seriously watch out for. With its efficient dynamics and every one of its components working in perfect harmony, just like the Saudi Arabian team, it is a revolutionary machine.


    Image source: The Sunday Times

    No other team in the world commands the support of its nation quite the same as England, so it’s only fitting that a landmark of British motoring heritage represents the team. The Jaguar F-Type echoes the roar of the team’s three lion mascots (and the adoring crowd) as it races onto the turf. Complete with a 5.0-litre supercharged V8 engine, like England, the car’s energy is geared towards securing great success, or at least we hope.


    Image source: Bugatti

    Not only sophisticated in design but powerful in performance, the Bugatti Chiron pushes the boundaries of motoring. With distinctive and function enhancing characteristics such as its 1,479 hp four-wheel drive rocket and its tuned to perfection engineering, this car is more beast than beauty compared to its predecessor. Similarly to the French players, it can outclass its opponents in the most modest fashion.


    Image source: Autocar

    A truly pure sports car that has finally been unleashed, the Mercedes-AMG GT is speedy and devastatingly efficient. Like Germany on the pitch, on the track, it continues to achieve victory and is admired by fans around the world. From fuel pressure to exhaust rooting, everything on this machine has been developed to heighten its endurance and power – the only thing that could drown out the roar of the AMG’s monstrous V8 growl, is the committed fans.


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